Navigation Safety – Temporary change of navigation lights at Marpole Rail Bridge

September 14, 2016

As a result of the damage that was sustained by the centre span of the Marpole Rail Bridge earlier this year, the need for additional Aids to Navigation for reference when traveling upstream was identified by the commercial marine community.

Marpole Rail BridgIn conjunction with the Council of Marine Carriers, the Port of Vancouver, CPR and Coast Guard, Transport Canada has determined a temporary lighting scheme for the bridge that will be installed and implemented at the end of this week.  The existing windsock on the centre pier will remain in place.  An informal schematic has been attached here for your awareness only.

Formal notification will take place by way of a Notice to Shipping.  Please advise your members to check the Notices daily for relevant safety information if they are planning to navigate in the vicinity of the bridge.  The procedures in the Port Info
rmation Guide remain unaffected.

This temporary configuration will remain in effect until further notice, to be provided by way of a NOTSHIP.

Links are below for your quick reference.

Port Information Guide: