Clean Boating Tips

Here are a few quick and easy tips to help us keep our marina and river clean!

  • Please ask us for our ‘NoSpill’ fuel catcher when fueling. We have one readily available at all times and they are amazingly effective in eliminating fuel spill.
  • Remember, we are here to help. Our staff can assist in the disposal of all hazardous waste products. Please ask us which waste products belong where if you are unsure. We have on-site drums to dispose of:
    • oil
    • gas and diesel
    • absorbent products
    • fuel and oil filters
  • We have recently installed a green bin at two locations. In case you didn’t know, this can include paper food waste, such as coffee cups and pizza boxes. Please use this bin for fish, crab and prawn waste as well!
  • Keep your engine well-tuned and maintained. Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint, it will improve your fuel economy as well! Idling for long periods should also be avoided.
  • Please inform us immediately if you have seen a spill of any kind, either in water or on the docks. We have the absorbents and booms required to clean up promptly!
  • Remember to set heaters at an appropriate threshold during the winter months. The boat only needs to be kept a couple degrees above freezing. Setting your heater properly will reduce our energy consumption, and can also lower your hydro bill substantially!